While I was Sr. Copywriter at sneakpeeq.com, I was in charge of email marketing, from creative to distribution. As emails are at the top of the marketing funnel, I tried to showcase a brand’s strengths while painting scenes with usage cases. I’m responsible for all the copy in our emails, which includes subject lines, image headlines, CTAs, and body text.

Sidewalk Carving 101 (No Snow Needed) - daniel@sneakpeeq.com - sneakpeeq, inc Mail

The email below is one of my personal favorites. This email template is inherently limited because it can only show images that are on sneakpeeq’s site. As a result, we can’t customize or add headlines to any of the images. But I was able to spell out “LUX” with vintage lighting, adding a subtle touch to this email push.

NEW and EXCLUSIVE- Your Name in Bright Lights - daniel@sneakpeeq.com - sneakpeeq, inc Mail

For a period, we were heavily pushing display ads on affiliate networks. Cardboard Safari ended up doing extremely well during their tenure on sneakpeeq, earning 2x their average daily revenue while on sneakpeeq.



Site Content/Copy Samples:

On a B2C level: www.panthersandhippies.com

Panthers&Hippies is a company I helped launch, as well as the first step I made as a copywriter. I created the tagline “Take a Stand” to underline the revolutionary tone of the company, as well as create an active brand position in order to attract consumers.

On a B2B level: https://www.symphonycommerce.com

The old Symphony Commerce website suffered from unclear messaging and a dated aesthetic. I managed the redesign with our in-house design team and our offshore development team, implementing clear and engaging content, a modern look, and improved performance.

Article Samples





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