Who Is This Guy?

My name is Daniel Joeun Oh. I’m a professional copywriter with a good amount of experience dealing with marketing methodology, Google Analytics, A/B testing, SEO keyword research, SEO auditing, SEO copywriting, and brand management. On top of that, I have some background in HTML/CSS, not enough to build you a sexy home page, but good enough to make deep content edits without consulting with a developer or a designer.

Outside of work, I’m a proud son of the Bay Area. I fill my hours with couch color commentary on sports, needless alliteration, playing basketball like Joel Pryzbilla, and drinking beggar’s bourbon for the taste.

Welcome to my personal blog and portfolio. I hope you enjoy your stay. Feel free to leave comments. Be nice, or don’t be. In fact, just be you. I write for a living, I don’t take many things personally.

You can leave fan letters, flames, or job offers at daniel.joeun.oh@gmail.com


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