When The Shit Goes Down.

Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolfman
The Invisible Man and Hercules don’t scare me. The FBI, Anti-American Committee, J. Edgar Hoover, President Nixon, President Johnson, Martha Mitchell And her husband or her man or her woman Ethel Kennedy, all the Kennedys Bank of America, Chase Manhattan Rockefeller. None of these people scare me.
What scares me is that one day my son will ask me,

What did you do Daddy when the shit was goin’ down.

– Blu & Exile: No Greater Love

I’ve gotten it all out of my system. All the drunk rage against 3rd party voters and people who don’t think the same way I do. If I’ve learned something about this election cycle, shaming the other side doesn’t move their hearts and minds. The media has condescended upon the people who’ve elected our new president. It’s easy to demonize them as sisterfucking hicks who don’t know better, but it’s a lot more productive if we consider them as people who’ve spoken. They were louder than my group was. They were more organized than my group was. They’ve spoken. We’d be dumb not to listen.

Donald Trump is the President of the United States. That’s what America as a whole wanted, even if it’s not what I wanted, or what you might have wanted.

Ignorance isn’t exclusive to the Republican Party and Trump’s base. Tonight I encountered a Hillary supporter that supported censorship of right-wing news for spewing lies to their base. It’s something I would’ve heard from Breitbart, and it felt dirty as fuck to defend their right to free speech, but it’s still protected. Regardless of the results tonight, this is still America, this is still an experiment, an ideal, a dream that’s worth fighting to make a reality.

America will only die if we let it.

Don’t fight against Trump because he isn’t what you wanted. Fight against Trump if he encroaches on your rights. Fight against Trump if he starts coming for what’s rightfully yours. Fight against Trump if he threatens the integrity of our democracy. Fight against Trump if he endangers our livelihood.

But if Trump ends up being the same president we all bitch, moan, and complain about without ripping the fabric of America apart, then respect the process and make sure your voice is heard in 2020. The Rust Belt and Appalachia sure as hell did this year.

I won’t stop being an American because tonight didn’t end the way I wanted. I still love this country for what it represents, for what it’s given to me and my family. And if all of our worst nightmares come true, if the shit really goes down, then I hope that you and I won’t regret a god damn thing.


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